Ana Navarro nails the terrifying truth about Trump: Americans either think he’s nuts — or the messiah
Ana Navarro talks about Donald Trump and the climate of fear he's created on CNN (Screen cap).

Ana Navarro on Wednesday hammered President Trump for creating an atmosphere of fear in the United States, and she said that everyone who isn't a diehard Trump fan is either angry or frightened by his presidency.

While appearing on CNN, Navarro relayed a conversation about that she overheard while waiting in a lobby for a doctor's visit.

"A man was saying to a woman, 'There are three kinds of people in America right now,'" she explained. "'Those who love Trump and think he can do no wrong, those who hate him and protest him all the time, and those who are too afraid to protest him.' She then said, 'Well, you're forgetting those of us who are under medication.'"

While Navarro said this sounded like an amusing anecdote, she added that there was a very serious side to it that showed the divisions and fear among American citizens.

"This is not a joke," she said. "So many people right now who either see him as a messiah, see him as a manic president, or are just in too much fear to process everything that has happened in the past month."

Watch the whole segment below.