'As scary as it gets': Dem senator vows to investigate Trump's 'strange' relationship with Putin
Sen. Chris Murphy (D - CT) talks about President Trump's relationship with Russia on CNN (Screen cap).

President Donald Trump's continued praise of Russian President Vladimir Putin has reportedly been unnerving members of Congress, and one Democratic senator told CNN on Tuesday that lawmakers need to figure out exactly what's going on.

While talking with CNN's Alisyn Camerota, Sen. Tim Murphy (D - CT) said that everything Trump has said about Russia since becoming president has made him worried about what the president's relationship with Putin really is.

"Listen, if you want to believe the worst here, if you want to believe that Putin is literally pulling the strings of this administration, then this is exactly how it would play out," Murphy said. "You would have the president of the United States clouding the case as to whether Russia is controlling in Eastern Ukraine. You would have him hinting at the withdrawal of sanctions. You would be making moral equivalences between Putin's killing of journalists and political opponents, and U.S. military activities."

Given that Trump continues to defend Putin, especially given his willingness to publicly criticize other major leaders around the world, Murphy says Congress has no option but to fully investigate what's going on.

"This is as scary as it gets," said Murphy. "And the intelligence communities in the House and the Senate need to get to the bottom of what this is all about, what is this strange relationship between Putin and Trump, and is there something that the Russians have on him that is causing him to say these bizarre things on an almost daily basis?"

Watch the whole interview below.