Belgian hacker gets revenge on Trump by redirecting his old tweets to Putin bromance parody video
Donald Trump appears on a person's smartphone (Shutterstock).

A Belgian hacker recently trolled President Donald Trump by redirecting some of the links he had tweeted out in the past. In one tweet from 2012, then-reality TV star Trump wrote, "I'll be speaking tomorrow at the San Jose Convention Center (CA) for the first- ever National Achievers Congress"

The hacker, who goes by the name Inti De Ceukelaire purchased the domain once it expired, along with three other expired domains and is redirecting those links to a YouTube video called "Trump's Russian Congress."

The video plays on Trump's alleged Russian ties and his reported Golden Showers kink. That it was so easy for someone to manipulate the tweets of Trump's past leaves the door open for other similar antics down the line.

Another tweet from 2013 redirects to a YouTube clip about a My Little Pony fan convention.

In an email to the Verge, De Ceukelaire explained that the hacking wasn't so much in protest of Trump the U.S. president, but revenge against him for referring to the Belgian capital, Brussels, as a "hellhole."

"I believe in democracy and even though I don't agree with Trump, I accept the election results," he told the Verge. "But even the president of the US has no right to insult our capital. That's why it was time to make a little bit fun of him — just so we're even."