'Bizarre': MSNBC panel doubts Trump's sanity for saying black history 'love' is like his travel ban
MSNBC panel discusses Donald Trump's visit to the black history museum (screen grab)

An MSNBC panel on Tuesday questioned the mental health of President Donald Trump after he seemed to misunderstand the purpose of the National Museum of American History in Washington, D.C.

During a tour of the museum for Black History Month on Tuesday, Trump spoke to MSNBC's Craig Melvin about divisions in the country.

"We want to see it get much better," the president said. "You'll see it, oftentimes it will get much better and then it blows up."

"And part of the beauty of what you're doing here with the museum and the success of the museum -- success is very important because it's doing tremendous numbers, tremendous numbers of people are coming in," he added. "I think that really helps to get that divide and bring it much closer together, if not perfect."

Trump went on to connect "love" at the museum to the need to restrict travel from Muslim countries.

"You have to have people come in that love the country," he insisted. "And this is about love, this building is about love. And we have to have people come in that are going to love the country, not people that are going to harm the country."

Following the interview, an MSNBC panel seemed flabbergasted by Trump's remarks.

"What is he talking about?" political analyst Zerlina Maxwell exclaimed. "I don't know what he's talking about. You're standing in the African-American history museum, and yes, there are certain things in that building that are about love and unity. But that museum is about the brutality that this country has inflicted on the African-American community."

"It is not about 'love' in a broad sense," she insisted. "I mean, I don't know what he was talking about there."

Former U.K. MP Louise Mensch found something even more troubling about Trump's visit to the museum.

"I heard him talking about ticket numbers as though that was some mark of success," she pointed out. "And then [comparing] people coming into the museum to people coming into the country and dragging it back to his negative immigration [policies]."

"And as a matter of fact, I think it shows the president needs a mental health check-up," Mensch said. "I genuinely believe that sounded so bizarre and so ridiculous and one thought just flowed into another with no logical sense at all. It's a matter of national security that the president is not in his right mind."

Watch the video below from MSNBC, broadcast Feb. 21, 2017.