Charles Blow: Kellyanne Conway is a 'bottomless pit of lies soaked in misdirection'
Charles Blow (Screenshot/CNN)

New York Times columnist Charles Blow on Tuesday agreed with CNN's decision not to interview Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway because he said she is a "bottomless pit of lies."

A CNN insider reportedly told The Wrap this week that the network had declined to interview Conway in place of Vice President Mike Pence on the network's State of the Union program because she has "credibility issues."

“Kellyanne is not a substitute for the VP," the insider said. "And more broadly… credibility issues. Although I’d expect to see her on at some point.”

In a tweet on Tuesday, Blow suggested that CNN had been too diplomatic in its criticism of Conway.

"Translation: She's a bottomless pit of lies soaked in misdirection and wrapped in circular logic and twisted language," he wrote.

And it's not the first time Blow has expressed concern about the Trump adviser's relationship to the truth.

Writing in The New York Times last month, Blow blasted Conway for using what she has called "alternative facts."

"These are lies; good old-fashioned lies, baldfaced and flat-out lies," Blow insisted. "Trump does not simply have 'a running war with the media,' as he so indecorously and disrespectfully spouted off while standing on the hallowed ground before the C.I.A. Memorial Wall. He is in fact having a running war with the truth itself."

"I can't watch Kellyanne Conway on tv. Ever," Blow tweeted last month. "Slippery as an eel. The truth gets mugged EVERY TIME…"