Charles Blow nails Bannon's 'puppet': 'Trump isn’t a reasonable person or even a particularly smart one'
Charles Blow (Photo: Screen capture)

President Donald Trump's relentless attacks on the media are assaults on truth itself, according to New York Times columnist Charles Blow.

And that's how Trump's "boss," Steve Bannon, wants it.

"One must always remember that Trump isn’t a reasonable person or even a particularly smart one, which makes him the perfect vessel for Bannon’s pseudo-intellectual vanities," Blow wrote in Monday's column.

Bannon, and then his "puppet" Trump, delivered attacks on "fake news" and "globalist media" during last week's Conservative Political Action Conference to divert attention from their incompetent malevolence, Blow wrote.

"Trump and Bannon spin their folksy tale of media corruption to give Trump a needed enemy in his perpetual campaign and a needed diversion from the enormity of his disasters," he wrote. "This fits Trump perfectly because not only does he have a gnawing insecurity, he also views the confrontational nature of news as maleficently targeted."

Blow said the president hates the press because it holds him accountable for the "overwhelming majority of things he gets wrong" rather than "pat Trump on his head and give him a gold star for the few things he gets right."

"The fact is that Trump simply wants the truth not to be true, so he assaults its quality," Blow wrote. "He wants the purveyors of truth not to pursue it, so he questions their motives."