Chris Matthews hilariously nails Trump: 'Would you be worried about leaks as captain of the Titanic'
MSNBC host Chris Matthews on Jan. 6, 2015 [MSNBC]

MSNBC's Chris Matthews doesn't understand why President Donald Trump is so overwhelmed with leaks coming out while his administration is crashing and burning all around him.

In a discussion Thursday, Bloomberg Politics reporter John Heilemann told Matthews that all reporters covering Trump should feel compelled to call him out when he lies.

"He has a systemic problem with the truth," he said, going on to explain that it undermines Trump's credibility on a number of fronts. "We all feel compelled to call out misstatements, lies, falsehoods, we should call them out. Every time he makes one it gives us something to talk about, rather than the things he wants us to talk about."

He also noted that Trump has been unable to make any movement on the issues that are the most important to him.

Matthews noted that Trump is going to be in trouble because he will ultimately have to work with all of these people he's been attacking to get his agenda passed. NPR's Tamara Keith agreed saying that Trump hasn't sent any legislation to Capitol Hill to be passed. He's only signed executive orders.

"He keeps dumping on [Sen. Chuck] Schumer (D-NY)," Matthews said. "He's going to have to sit down with him and Paul Ryan and make deals, instead they have this peeing contest, if you will. Why isn't he preparing himself to achieve this?"

"Partly because, the fundamental thing he said today is that his administration is run like a well-oiled machine, is the biggest falsehood of all," Heilemann said. "The biggest piece of evidence that's not true is the thing he complained about most today, which is the profusion of leaks. What well-oiled administration have you covered has leaks like this? No administration we've ever covered has leaked like this. And if it were a well-oiled machine, it simply would not be leaking in a way that irks him as much as it does. So, look, it is chaos in the White House. The administration is basically in disarray. He's not prepared to move legislation because their basic house is not remotely close to order right now."

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