CNN's Chris Cuomo taunts Trump: 'He does not want to talk to us, but he does want to talk about us'
Chris Cuomo (CNN)

CNN's Chris Cuomo delivered what sounded like a personal challenge to one of his most loyal, but critical, viewers: the president of the United States.

President Donald Trump spent Wednesday morning on Twitter complaining about coverage of the Russia scandal that's engulfing his fledgling administration, and he singled out Cuomo's network as "unwatchable."

CNN reported late Tuesday, along with the New York Times, that senior advisors to Trump -- who the network identified as Michael Flynn and Paul Manafort -- were in "constant communication" with Russian intelligence throughout the presidential campaign.

Cuomo and his colleagues on "New Day" spent Wednesday morning digging through the details in those reports and replaying some of Trump's statements about Russia during the campaign, and he urged the president to come clean.

"The president, as we know, watches 'New Day,'" Cuomo said. "We appreciate that viewership. He does not want to talk to us, but he does want to talk about us, and yet, this situation is different. He has said nothing to rebut the facts of this situation."

Cuomo said nothing the president has said or done answers any of the questions swirling around him about possible Russian involvement in his election, or in Flynn's conversation with the Russian ambassador that eventually led to his resignation 24 days into his tenure as national security advisor.

"Who knew?" Cuomo said. "The idea that Flynn had to resign because he was soloing with this unique agenda with Russia that nobody else knew about, nobody had told him to do and nobody participated in is hard to believe and goes without good answer from the White House."