Colbert mocks Trump booster Alex Jones: 'He knows what it sounds like when a monkey f*cks a football’
Stephen Colbert (Photo: Screen capture)

Stephen Colbert on Wednesday took down Alex Jones, the “far-right conspiracy theorist” who is low-key advising Donald Trump, and, as the New York Times reports, serving as his “validator.”

Colbert acknowledged it’s “good to have a variety of voices in a time of crisis” before playing a clip of an erratic, rambling Jones shouting at the camera: “This is a human, this is what we act like.”

Noting the name of Jones’ website—InfoWars—Colbert joked, “just imagine info, then imagine a war against it.”

The Late Show host then played a montage of Jones ranting about Sandy Hook conspiracy theories and insisting his show sounds like “a monkey doing you-know-what with a football.”

“So, to recap: one of the counselors to the president knows what it sounds like when a monkey f*cks a football,” Colbert concluded.

Watch the video below, via CBS: