Colorado vandals attack Indian man's home with dog poop and 50 messages of hate
Colorado home vandalized with messages of hate KKTV (screen grab)

The FBI is investigating a possible hate crime after a Colorado man's home was vandalized with dozens of racial slurs, dog feces and eggs.

The man, who was identified only as Saravanan, told KKTV that his neighbors woke him on Sunday morning after seeing the vandalism.

"We saw more than 50 papers stuck everywhere on our door, window, car. They smeared dog poop everywhere and they had thrown at least, like, 40 eggs on our walls, on our ceilings, everywhere outside," he recalled. "About 10 percent of the messages were racial slur on us, 'You brown or Indian shouldn't be here,' something like that."

"It was frightening."

Saravanan speculated that "a group of eight to 10 people must have" participated in the vandalism.

The Colorado Springs Gazette reported on Monday that no suspects had yet been identified by the FBI.

Watch the video below from KKTV, broadcast Feb. 7, 2017.