Corey Lewandowski luring clients by bragging about access to Trump's Twitter account: report
Corey Lewandowski (Fox News/Screengrab)

A recent BuzzFeed report reveals that four sources allege that a former top aide to President Donald Trump turned lobbyist has been bragging to clients about his access to the president's Twitter account.

In discussions with Facebook and a financial company, The Blackstone Group, Corey Lewandowski said that he still had access to the account as a selling point to hiring his new lobbying firm. It's unclear what other companies received similar pitches.

Lewandowski flatly denied the allegations as well as the claim that he met with anyone at either company.

I know facts don’t matter to buzz feed but it’s not true,” Lewandowski wrote to BuzzFeed via email. When asked if he met with Facebook, he said, “Never.” When asked about Blackstone, he replied, “I never met Blackstone. Please make sure you accurately report that! I doubt you will.”

The White House categorically denied that Lewandowski has any access to the president's Twitter account.

One of BuzzFeed's sources explained that it was unclear whether Lewandowski was promising access to the account or simply that he has the ear of the president and the digital staffers. Sources explained that they expected a detailed government relations plan and were shocked by the claim.

“It wasn’t a question of whether they believed him or not,” a source said. “It was as weird as him walking into the office and saying, ‘I like chocolate.’”

Ed Brookover, who joined the lobbying firm, said that he's never heard Lewandowski make such a claim and refused to say what was pitched in any of the potential client meetings.

Facebook declined to comment to BuzzFeed on whether they met with Lewandowski but did clarify that he is not contracted by the company. The Blackstone Group also said they have not retained his services.