For one shining moment Twitter believed Kellyanne Conway had been booted from TV
Kellyanne Conway (Gage Skidmore/Flickr)

On Wednesday, a White House source told CNN that senior adviser to Pres. Donald Trump Kellyanne Conway has been sidelined by the administration as a TV spokesperson. However, within hours, White House officials were denying the story, calling the report "completely false."

The move came after a series of missteps, from coining the term "alternative facts" to hawking presidential daughter Ivanka Trump's fashion line on the air and saying that Pres. Trump has "full confidence" in then-national security adviser Gen. Mike Flynn just hours before he was fired.

Twitter users -- who helped make Conway's phony terrorist attack canard the "Bowling Green massacre" a wildly successful meme -- spent a blissful few hours believing that she was finally off the air for good.

The Washington Post noted that Conway has been off the air for a full week:

But after the White House issued its denials, Twitter users changed their tune.