Fox analyst links Trump's Iran threat to the Bible: 'It's a crusade... we're doing it under God'
Fox News analyst Ed Rollins talks about President Donald Trump's threat to Iran (Screen cap).

President Donald Trump and his administration put Iran "on notice" this week after it launched a missile, and conservative Fox News analyst Ed Rollins said it showed the president's commitment to Old Testament-style toughness.

Appearing on Fox on Thursday, Rollins linked Trump's warning to Iran with the Bible, and said Trump and his team are modern-day Crusaders.

"Clearly, this is a different kind of administration, a much tougher administration, and no nonsense," Rollins explained. "It's almost like it's a crusade, we're doing it under God."

"A crusade," said Fox News host Bill Hemmer, who was moderating the panel. "Huh."

Instead of following up with Rollins about what he meant by Trump going on a "crusade," however, he instead moved right on and asked panelist Doug Schoen for his take on Trump's Iran threat.

Check out the full segment below.