‘Fox & Friends’ segment explains how to apologize to conservatives to unite America
'Fox & Friends' offers tips for apologizing (Screen cap).

With all the divisiveness surrounding Donald Trump's presidency so far, the crew at Fox & Friends thinks it's time for liberals to apologize for being so mean to other people whom they disagree with politically.

To help them do this, it invited pyschotherapist Tom Kersting onto the program to offer tips for saying you're sorry when you've hurt someone's feelings during a political argument.

"'I'm sorry' might be the two most difficult words in the English language for people to say," Kersting explained. "It's so critical, as a human being, to take ownership for the things we've done to other people."

Kersting then went on to say that he is shocked by the mean things people say to one another on social media platforms, which he said were indications of a person's "lack of emotional intelligence, emotional regulation, and the ability to empathize with other people."

Kersting's comments about apologizing for saying cruel things to other people on social media are interesting, since President Donald Trump rose to prominence in the political world in part thanks to his attacks against other people on Twitter, and for his refusal to ever apologize for any of them.

Check out the Fox & Friends segment on apologizing below.