‘Get him out of here’: Olbermann lists 50 ‘crazy and impeachable’ actions Trump’s taken in office
Keith Olbermann (Photo: Screen capture)

Keith Olbermann’s latest installation of GQ’s “The Resistance” is an exhaustive account of all the ‘crazy and/or impeachable’ things Donald Trump has done in his mere three weeks in office.

Ranging from the trivial (breaking decades of tradition by leaving wife Melania Trump behind as he greeted former President Barack Obama on inauguration day), to the downright Orwellian (tweeting, “any negative polls are FAKE NEWS!” in response to rising disapproval ratings), Olbermann listed the variety of conflicts arising from Trump’s administration.

“In an other context, business or country, Trump’s supporters would now be organizing his removal from authority, even if it were only for his own good,” Olbermann said. “Get. Him. Out. Of. Here.”

Watch the full video below, via the Resistance: