'He did them a favor!': The View mocks Trump after his attack on Nordstrom backfires spectacularly
Sunny Hostin talks about President

President Donald Trump publicly called out retailer Nordstrom for dumping his daughter's clothing line on Wednesday -- and, despite erroneous reporting from Breitbart, its stock has been climbing ever since.

The crew over at The View mocked Trump for the way his attack on Nordstrom has backfired, and they think that Trump might be doing other companies favors if he starts bashing them publicly.

"The times he's tweeted about Boeing, the times he's tweeted about L.L. Bean, their stock went down," noted co-host Sunny Hostin. "While Nordstrom's stock went up by 4%! I think he got something that he was not expecting... in a sense, I think he did them, he did Nordstrom's, a favor."

Co-host Sara Haines then remarked that Nordstrom just wouldn't have cut Ivanka Trump's clothing line if it were selling like gangbusters.

"He's a businessman, so he should understand this," she remarked. "What business would cut a line that was making money? Businesses think in numbers."

Co-host Joy Behar then noted that Nordstrom is being "patriotic" by dumping Ivanka's fashion line since her clothes are made in countries such as Indonesia and not in the United States.

Check out the full segment below.