Here's how Breitbart peddles fear to paranoid readers so its advertisers can sell doomsday supplies
A man in a tin foil hat (Shutterstock).

Breitbart News sent out a sponsored email on Thursday that told its readers that violent leftists are coming to attack their way of life -- and then urged them to buy a "survival food supply" as part of their "preparedness plan."

"After 8 years of trying to destroy this country from within government, the Left is now desperately working to tear it down from the radical fringe," the email reads. "They’re willing to use violence. They’re willing to destroy property. They’re willing to attack not just politicians, but everyday citizens – even in their homes."

The email doesn't recommend that its readers fight the 'violent' left by organizing counter-demonstrations or working to get more conservatives elected, however.

Instead, it posts a link to a website called MyPatriotSupply, a Breitbart sponsor that specializes in selling goods to help citizens get through the apocalypse.

"Now is the time to put your preparedness plan together, before The Left drags this country into a severe turn for the worse," the email explains, while linking to the site.

Among other things, MyPatriotSupply sells a "four-week survival food supply" that is on sale for $99 as an "exclusive" to Breitbart readers. More generally, the website also sells water purification systems, air purification systems, heirloom seeds, and other "survival essentials."

Breitbart has consistently hyped up stories of left-wing violence since the election of President Donald Trump. A sampling of headlines for this year include the following: "MILO and Martin Shkreli to Countermarch Against Leftist Violence at UC Davis"; "Report: Republicans Fear for Their Safety as Obamacare Protests Grow Violent"; "Sheriff Clarke on Leftist Violence: ‘It’s Going to Get Cops Killed’"; and "Blue State Blues: After Berkeley, Treat Violent, Anti-Speech Left Like the KKK."

A screen cap of the email follows below.