'He’s a liar, you do admit that’: The View hosts confront Trump-boosting Breitbart editor
Joy Behar and Sunny Hostin (ABC / Screengrab)

On Friday, The View hosts hammered Joel Pollak, editor-at-large for the far-right website Breitbart News, with co-host Joy Behar at one point pressing him to admit that Donald Trump consistently and unapologetically lies.

Throughout the wide-ranging interview, Pollak threw out the moniker “fake news” to dispute the premise of the hosts’ questions, including when Behar—using former Breitbart chairman and current chief White House strategist Steven Bannon’s own words—reminded the editor that the site is frequently described as a “platform for the alt-right.”

“Some people say white supremacist,” Behar said.

“We call that fake news, a fake news description,” Pollak said, noting he himself is Jewish.

“What’s the ‘fake news,’ what I said?” Behar pressed. “No, no, no—that’s not ‘fake news.’”

When Behar asked Pollak about the quantifiable rise in anti-Semitism since Trump’s election, Pollak argued that the problem has been escalating for a while—particularly on far-left college campuses—and said the media “just woke up and noticed this is a problem.”

“I feel very proud that Donald Trump not only is one of the most pro-Israel presidents that we’ve ever had, but that his daughter Ivanka … will bring in the Sabbath.”

“Yeah, but you know that phrase, ‘Some of best friends are Jewish? It’s meaningless, really. You can still be an anti-Semite and have Jewish relatives.” Behar replied.

Sunny Hostin later discussed Pollak’s claim that Trump won because he “defied the media,” asking, “did he defy them, or did he con them?”

“The answer is yes,” Pollak shot back, before referencing a now-infamous press conference Trump held as a candidate where he effectively pulled the bait-and-switch on the media under the guise of discussing his years-long charge that Barack Obama was not born in the United States.

“He was very clever, he knew how to reel them in and do that,” Pollak said. “But the bigger part of that was going above the heads of the media, speaking directly to the American people, through Twitter, through rallies.”

“Yeah, he did do that,” Behar said. “But he’s a liar, you do admit that? He’s a liar. He lies about everything.”

Watch the video below, via ABC: