'I wish him nothing but failure': Dallas city councilman slams 'invalid human' Trump's proposed hotel
Dallas City Councilman Philip Kingston (Screen cap via Keep Hermosa Hermosa).

The Trump Organization wants to build a new 200-room hotel in the city of Dallas, Texas -- but at least one local official says he doesn't want it anywhere near his city.

In an interview with Politico, Dallas City Councilman Philip Kingston explained his opposition to Trump's proposed new hotel on the grounds that he doesn't want the president or his organization making any money in his city.

"I think that guy is an invalid human and I wish nothing but failure for him," Kingston told the publication. "I know that sounds kind of harsh, but I think he’s earned it. I’d hate to see him make any money in my town."

But while Kingston hopes that the proposed hotel goes down in flames, he also tells Politico that he's not going to abuse his authority as city councilor to get it blocked.

"That’s not the way the rule of law works," the councilman explained. "If that guy has money and he can get through the permitting process, then we treat all people equal regardless of how we feel about their politics. I’ll just be disappointed."