It’s 'a goat rodeo’: Connecticut Dem rips Trump for chaotic, out-of-control first two weeks
Rep. Jim Himes (Facebook)

Democratic U.S. Rep. Jim Himes (CT) said on MSNBC Saturday that he doesn't trust Pres. Donald Trump's administration to exercise the finesse and diplomatic skills necessary to negotiate world diplomacy, particularly with countries like Iran.

Calling the Trump administration's gaffe and disaster-prone first two weeks a "goat rodeo," Himes said he simply doesn't trust people like Steve Bannon and other Trump cronies to understand the nuances of dealing with complicated situations like the nuclearization of Iran's weapons program.

MSNBC host Sheinelle Jones asked if Himes supports the fresh sanctions against Iran launched by the Trump administration.

"I do," said Himes. "I'm glad the president has said, 'You're not going to be testing ballistic missiles,'" but the congressman cautioned against escalating the situation.

"I hope the situation doesn't escalate, I do think we should sanction Iran," he said, "on two conditions. I call this administration a goat rodeo. I don't trust these guys to know how you very carefully manage a situation like you have with Iran."

"So, it makes me very nervous that some tweet at 5:30 in the morning might escalate to a situation where all of a sudden, we're engaged in some kind of military conflict in the region," Himes said.

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