'It's like he's looking for OJ's killer': Bill Maher calls Trump's bluff on crazy conspiracy theories
Bill Maher (Photo: Screen capture)

In the CNN town hall with Van Jones, guest Bill Maher was shocked that President Donald Trump seems to propose conspiracy theories that he never follows through with.

"How's that investigation going?" Maher asked of the search for former President Barack Obama's birth certificate. "How's the one into the 3 million illegals who voted? You know, it's like he's looking for O.J.'s killers. The real killers that O.J. was looking for on the golf course. He says these things and they disappear into the ether."

Maher also joked that President Barack Obama should run again "and tell us that it's his twin brother Dave."

Watch the opening of the town hall below and continue watching it live here: