'It's really bad': Trump says Mike Pence will head investigation of 3 million 'illegal' 2016 votes
Pres. Donald Trump speaks to Bill O'Reilly (Screen capture)

Not only is Pres. Donald Trump refusing to let go of the idea that he actually secretly won the popular vote in 2016, he is appointing his vice president as head of an investigation to prove it.

TheHill.com reported on Sunday that Trump told Bill O'Reilly in an exclusive interview, "I’m going to set up a commission to be headed by Vice President Mike Pence and we’re going to look at it very, very carefully.”

“Look, Bill, we can be babies, but you take a look at the registration, you have illegals, you have dead people you have this, it’s really a bad situation, it’s really bad,” he said.

Trump lost the popular vote count by 3 million, but won the Electoral College. Since then, he has been maintaining that those 3 million votes were illegal, a notion that has been disputed as ridiculous.

On Sunday, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) said on Sunday that he will not allocate the funds necessary for Trump to conduct the investigation.