Jason Johnson: No matter how many times Trump’s lawyers ‘shine up his turd’ Muslim ban it’s still unconstitutional
Dr. Jason Johnson -- (MSNBC screen grab)

During a panel discussion on MSNBC, an editor for The Root said that someone in the Trump White House will likely "take the fall" for President Donald Trump's botched immigration order and that a new one will be a matter of shining "up this turd."

Discussing the executive order that was smacked down by a unanimous 9th Circuit Court, Dr. Jason Johnson said heads will likely roll in the White House.

"There is probably going be a firing," Johnson began. "We have to think about the fact that Donald Trump went though three campaign managers in a year last year. Does anyone think that their jobs are safe in the White House? They shouldn't."

Turning to reports that a revised order order may be coming from Trump next week, Johnson said the order is still based on "white-supremacism."

"An even bigger issue is this, "Johnson explained. "The fact that you have this Muslim ban to begin with, the fact that this administration is driven by the this white-supremacist racist notion that brown people and tan people from other countries, and that Muslims are incapable are less fit or more likely to cause more crime and terrorism than white-supremacists is a problem. So I don't care how many times or ways they want to shine up this turd, it is still bad policy, it is still unconstitutional."

Watch the video below via MSNBC: