Jimmy Kimmel mocks Trump’s Supreme Court ‘reality show’ with hilarious ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ parody
Jimmy Kimmel (Photo: Screen capture)

Late night host Jimmy Kimmel noted the obvious about President Donald Trump's announcement of his Supreme Court choice on Tuesday night, turning what is normally a somber daytime press conference into a suspenseful prime time extravaganza.

"I've been making a lot of jokes about this presidency becoming a reality show," Kimmel began. "I did not know the reality show would become a reality."

Kimmel pointed out that Trump moved up the announcement, of what turned out to be Court of Appeals Judge Neil Gorsuch, preempting regular prime time viewing on the networks to get the suspense that he wanted.

Then there was the matter of runner-up Judge Thomas Hardiman who was flown in from Pittsburgh to help create that suspense.

"He [Trump] brought them both in to find out which one would get the nomination," Kimmel explained. "That's right, he freaking Ryan Seacrested his choice for the Supreme Court. It was like a two-on-one day on 'The Bachelor.'"

With that in mind Kimmel presented a clip --using footage from 'The Celebrity Apprentice' --of Neil Gorsuch being given the job over contenders actor Gary Busey, rapper Lil Jon, and aged rocker Meatloaf.

Watch the video below via ABC: