Joe Theismann: Donald Trump banning Muslims is 'just like Tom Brady' winning the Super Bowl
Joe Theismann appears on Fox News (screen grab)

NFL analyst and former quarterback Joe Theismann on Sunday said that Americans need to come together and "respect" President Donald Trump because he has a job to do "just like Tom Brady."

After the news broke on Sunday that a federal appeals court rejected the Trump administration's attempt to restore a ban on travel from seven mostly Muslim countries, Fox & Friends asked Theismann for his analysis of the controversy.

"You're a guy that watches the news a lot," Fox News host Steve Doocy noted. "What do you make over the brouhaha -- the liberal left is aflame over this travel restriction, which the court of appeals now out in California now says, forget about it, those people can come into the country."

According to Theismann, the country has become "polarized" because of social media.

"You know, President Trump is not the first one to put a ban on people coming into this country," he explained. "It's started with Charles Arthur back in 1882 when he banned a group of Chinese to come in and it just went on and on... and President Obama actually did in back in 2011."

"So, what is taking place isn't necessarily impressive, it's just that people now have decided that they want to take to the streets to protest what's going on," the former quarterback opined. "The president made a promise to the American people. When he became president of the United States, he was going to do certain things. And he has followed through on so many of the things that he has said he wanted to do."

Theismann encouraged Americans to get behind Trump because "no matter who is in the office, we should respect the president of the office and we should allow them to try and do their job, just like Tom Brady is going to try and do his today."

Watch the video below from Fox News, broadcast Feb. 5, 2017.