John Oliver: No network should invite Kellyanne Conway and her 'language jujitsu' on another show
HBO's John Oliver discusses police accountability (Screen capture)

CNN this past Sunday declined an offer to have Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway onto its State of the Union show, and it's generated some discussion about whether any network should bother inviting Conway and her "alternative facts" onto their news programs.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, HBO's John Oliver takes the side of critics who believe that it's totally pointless to have Conway on the air because she shows no inclination to tell the truth.

"I really don't see the point of talking to Kellyanne Conway because her language jujitsu is so strong," Oliver explained. "You know she can look you in the eyes and tell you the opposite of what you just saw happen, and she will be more confident in her answer than you are in your question."

Oliver also criticized many media figures for being so surprised that Conway would trumpet using "alternative facts" to try to claim that, among other things, President Donald Trump's inauguration drew a larger crowd than former President Barack Obama's did in 2009.

"There's nothing to be stunned about," he said. "Trump and everyone around him have been consistent to a fault in their behavior. There's this sense that, well, D.C. is the dominant gene, and anyone who goes there will have to kowtow to how things are done there. But you're dealing with a human wrecking ball."

Check out the full interview at this link.