Kentucky protester unloads on 'polecat' Mitch McConnell: ‘Dollar signs in his eyes — and apathy’
Rose Mudd Perkins talks about Mitch McConnell on CNN (Screen cap).

Rose Mudd Perkins, whose rant against Sen. Mitch McConnell (R - KY) quickly went viral on the web this week, appeared on CNN Thursday morning to discuss the continued angry town hall protests against Congressional Republicans.

At one point during the segment, CNN's Chris Cuomo asked Perkins what she saw when McConnell made eye contact with her during their exchange at a recent town hall event where she laced into him for "lying" to the people in his state when he talked about coal mining jobs coming back.

Perkins responded with a brutal assessment of McConnell.

"Dollar signs in his eyes, and apathy," she replied. "He's lost his way."

Perkins then went on to slam McConnell for delivering a load of "bull manure" to Kentucky voters about coal jobs coming back to the region.

"That's how they got the votes, is making [voters] think the jobs were coming back," she said. "I am so sick of this culture of untruthfulness and, you know, we know right from wrong. We all grew up knowing what a lie is and what the truth is. And we have got so many of these polecat politicians telling us things that just aren't true."

Watch the whole segment below.