Kimmel hilariously prays for Arnold Schwarzenegger after Trump’s bizarre Prayer Breakfast performance
Jimmy Kimmel and Guillermo Rodriguez pray for Arnold Schwarzenegger (YouTube)

Jimmy Kimmel poked fun at President Donald Trump's recent speech at the National Prayer Breakfast, in which he made everything about himself by bragging about his "tremendous success" while running the Apprentice. He then proceeded to suggest that the attendees pray for Arnold Schwarzenegger, who took over hosting the show.

"He's attacking the host of his own show," Kimmel said, noting that Trump, the U.S. president is also the executive producer of the show. "Poor Arnold Schwarzenegger. You know, I'd like to pray for Arnold Schwarzenegger, and for his show."

Kimmel proceeded to pray for Schwarzenegger with cast member Guillermo Rodriguez. "Dear Lord, we'd like to ask for your blessing tonight for former Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and may his mighty biceps lift not only the ratings of Celebrity Apprentice but also lift the spirits of Celebrity Apprentice contestants," he prayed.

"Please forgive him for the Expendables 3," he added.

See below.