Kimmel imagines bizarro world of Trump TV: ‘Large, masculine hands’ and 'Sean Spicer’s sexy new look'
Jimmy Kimmel (Photo: Screen capture)

Jimmy Kimmel said that he obtained exclusive footage of a news outlet that can report on President Donald Trump's administration in an unbiased way.

The fake "Trump TV" Kimmel's show invented isn't far off from what Trump's team thought about launching while anticipating he would lose in November.

"It was another historic weekend for our new president," the phony announcer said as Trump waves during his inaugural parade. "On Friday, President Trump used his large, masculine hands to sign an executive order suspending immigration from the bad countries."

The video went on to show footage from the airport protests over the weekend saying that the "enthusiasm was instantaneous," calling the protesters "safety lovers." It also noted that the protests were not nearly as large as the crowd attending Trump's inauguration.

According to the video, Trump spent the weekend fielding calls from international leaders, including Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto, who "is a sad piñata of a man." Trump also spoke with Russian President Vladimir Putin, "with whom Trump has a great relationship. But not too great. Just the right amount of great," the video explains.

It also highlighted "the new appointment of the head of the FBI, CIA and NSA, Trump insider, Steve Bannon," saying the moves were met with great enthusiasm from both parties.

The future segments will include things like "why Jesus would ban refugees" and "Sean Spicer's sexy new look."

Watch the full video below: