Michael Moore's terrifying warning: 'It will be as bad or worse' than you think
Michael Moore (MSNBC)

In an interview with Don Lemon Thursday, filmmaker Michael Moore said that he wasn't shocked by what President Donald Trump has done in the first month of his presidency.

"When he says he believes he could shoot somebody in the head and get away with it, he's proven he can do that over and over again," Moore explained.

Moore said that when Trump promised he'd dismantle the EPA and the Department of Education he's kept his promise by putting people in place that intend to do it. It's their job "as Steve Bannon said today, to deconstruct, which is a nice way of saying demolish, demolition, that's what they're there for." Moore later said that doing so is akin to anarchy and taking down the U.S. government.

"He's going to do everything he said they were going to do," Moore said. "And next week [Rep. Jason] Chaffetz and the are going to go after Hillary server thing again next week. Again. Because that whole 'lock her up' thing, they're not done with that."

Watch the full interview below: