Obamas' former law professor says Michelle 'absolutely' should have been president instead
Michelle Obama (Everett Collection / Shutterstock)

The Harvard Law School professor who taught both Pres. Barack and First Lady Michelle Obama said that both were good students, but that Michelle would have been a better president than her husband.

TheHill.com reported Saturday that Prof. Charles Ogletree told TMZ, "You know, his wife should have been president. Absolutely. He was great too, but she was better."

"She could easily be president," Ogletree said, "but I don't think she will."

Michelle Obama is widely known to be glad she and her husband are retiring from public life in spite of her gifts as a speaker and popularity as First Lady.

However, TheHill.com said, "Despite her numerous statements that she won't run, three political committees have formed since the election urging first lady Michelle Obama to run for president in 2020."

Watch the video, embedded below: