Olbermann: Trump's 'bullsh*t' anti-immigrant campaign is designed to 'terrify Americans into submission'
Keith Olbermann (GQ/screen grab)

In a new "Resistance" segment, Keith Olbermann again called out President Donald Trump's Muslim travel ban and the recent increase in deportations across the country. Calling one a Muslim ban and the other a "purge of Hispanics," Olbermann said "I am tired of hearing the radical right bullsh*t that they are anything else."

He then called these orders useless, noting that "they add nothing to the safety of this country," and are "sadistic." Olbermann detailed the many instances of violence that have occurred in the last few weeks — including the arrest of an undocumented victim of domestic violence — and noted that each act represented either a "Muslim ban" or a "purge of Hispanics."

Olbermann suggested that at a certain point, it is no longer "just a Muslim ban or just a purge of Hispanics, it is a series of acts intended to terrify Americans into submission. It is a series of acts intended to silence those that would object, and turn them into human sheep."

"It is in fact a series of acts of terrorism against the people of the United States of America and Donald Trump, it is your doing, and in due time you will atone," Olbermann said.

Watch the full clip below.