Olbermann: Trump's reckless handling of intelligence would have gotten Hillary 'impeached before sunrise'
Keith Olbermann (Photo: Screen capture)

Reaching back to the not-so-distant past, when conservatives had a meltdown over Hillary Clinton's private email servers, commentator Keith Olbermann railed at President Donald Trump's infinitely worse handling of national security.

Addressing Trump posing for pictures at his Mar-a-Lago resort dining room as aides scurried around with information on a North Korea missile launch, Olbermann called it "mind-boggling."

"The president of the United States was reportedly receiving information vital to the security of the nation about a provocative North Korea missile test in a golf club restaurant," Olbermann began with disdain.

"Not merely in a setting of insecurity, but surrounded by and photographed by people who could be anything from gawking tourists to Russian agents," he continued. "And if this cannot get worse, the president couldn't be bothered to even leave the dinner to go to slightly more private place where random passers-by cannot take souvenir pictures of a security briefing so they can post them later to Facebook."

"Trump slandered Hillary Clinton," Olbermann remarked. "You could argue Trump beat Hillary Clinton on charges on insecure handling of emails. Nothing she was ever accused of, nothing, comes close to this debacle near Trump's version of the Bushwood country club," a reference to the club used in the movie 'Caddyshack.'

"If Clinton had done just this, the Republicans would have impeached her before sunrise," Olbermann concluded.

Watch the video below via YouTube: