Olbermann: We 'will punish any politician' who refuses to stand against Trump's 'authoritarian madness'
Keith Olbermann (GQ/screen grab)

Liberal commentator Keith Olbermann commented on President Donald Trump's recent attacks on the media in his Tuesday segment. Trump tweeted last week that the media is the "enemy of the American people," which Olbermann said was a "fatal blow against his own presidency," using "terms never heard before from an American president."

Olbermann commented on the president's decision to delete the tweet — not to delete record of it, but instead to add specific outlets he would target, namely the New York Times, NBC News, ABC News, CBS, and CNN. "There is no walking those words back," said Olbermann. "And as seen in the White House daily press briefing Tuesday afternoon, Trump isn't even going to try to do that because he's a fool."

"An attack on freedom of the press is an attack on all" the freedoms protected by the First Amendment, Olbermann argued, adding that it's also an attack on all the Americans "who exercise all those other freedoms. It is an attack on the Constitution itself."

Olbermann then proceeded to call out Republicans and cabinet members by name — including House Speaker Paul Ryan, Judge Neil Gorsuch, and Defense Secretary James Mattis — to ask whether they agree with Trump that the media is the enemy of the American people.

"If the country still believes in Democracy and not fascism, it will punish any politician who does not repudiate Trump's authoritarian madness," Olbermann asserted.

Watch the full clip below.