Sam Bee torches ‘brown-noser’ Paul Ryan for helping ‘wildly incompetent bumblef*cks’ take the White House
Sam Bee (CNN / Screengrab)

Sam Bee on Wednesday eviscerated Paul Ryan for enabling Donald Trump’s rise to power despite once being a principled conservative leader.

“The latest criss involving the president’s staff of wildly incompetent bumblef*cks has raised a lot of questions, and as ever, Kellyanne [Conway] was there to not answer them,” Bee began on Wednesday’s episode of Full Frontal, playing a clip of Conway waxing poetic about how much President Donald Trump values “loyalty.”

“Loyalty is everything to him,” Bee said of the president. “And nobody has adapted to that reality better than Speaker of the House, and faithful husky, Paul Ryan.”

Noting Ryan’s former label as the “conscience of the Republican party” and the GOP’s “intellectual leader,” Bee asked how “a principled fiscal and social conservative like Ryan wound up in bed with a bigoted, adulterous grope machine” like Trump.

Bee noted that as a high school senior, Ryan was named the “biggest brown-noser,” pointing out that given his current allegiance to the president, “Ryan’s nose is probably more orange.”

Watch the video below, via TBS: