A Muslim pre-school teacher in South Arlington, Texas has been suspended from the classroom following offensive social media messages in which she urged a friend to "kill some Jews."

According to the Algemeiner newspaper, Children's Courtyard school has fired teacher Nancy Salem after Salem posted a number of offensive, anti-Semitic messages on Twitter, including an exhortation to "kill some Jews."

"This person is no longer with the company," said a comment from the school on Facebook. Children's Courtyard's Twitter and Facebook accounts have been deluged with complaints from across the country as word spreads about Salem's offensive messages.

“How many Jews died in the Holocaust? Not enough," wrote Salem on Twitter. When wish another friend a safe trip to Palestine, she tweeted, "Have a safe trip Lulu. I love you baby girl! See you in 3 weeks! Kiss the Palestine ground for me and kill some jews!"

In another post, she wrote, "How was the copper wire invented? They threw a penny between two Jews. #LOLACAUST."

Salem's tweets were brought to light by the Canary Mission, which LawNewz.com called "a watchdog organization that exposes anti-American and anti-Jewish rhetoric on the internet."

"Salem was one of 24 people associated with the University of Texas, Arlington chapter of Students for Justice in Palestine who were found to be posting hateful language against Jews and Israel," reported LawNewz' Ronn Blitzer.

Children's Courtyard issued an official statement that said, "Our senior management team is working to address this matter. This in no way reflects the views of The Children’s Courtyard. We strive to provide an inclusive environment for all children, families and staff members. We also expect our employees to uphold standards of personal and professional conduct."