‘These tweets make him look like a real d-bag’: Colbert nails Trump's 'insane' Twitter habit
Stephen Colbert

“The Late Show” host Stephen Colbert slammed Donald Trump’s tendency to use Twitter to hype himself, his family and the his plans for the country, noting the president’s tweets “make him look like a real d-bag.”

On Wednesday, Trump took to Twitter to assail the department clothing store Nordstrom for dumping daughter Ivanka Trump’s clothing line.

“Evidently, not a lot of women wanted to buy clothes that made them attractive to their fathers,” Colbert joked.

In a statement, Nordstrom defended its decision, citing a lack of interest in Ivanka Trump’s fashion line. Colbert argued that was a decision, “any businessman would understand, except one.”

“This is crazy!” Colbert continued. “This is insane! You can’t use the power of the office of the president to protect a family business.”

The host later noted Trump’s tweet about his immigration ban, which the president insisted “should be EASY D!”

“All I know is, these tweets make Trump look like a real d-bag,” Colbert said.

Watch the video below, via CBS: