'This is not normal': Dan Rather wonders if Trump's administration is nothing more than a reality show
Dan Rather (Ed Schipul/Flickr)

In what has become almost daily mini-rants, former anchor Dan Rather railed against President Donald Trump and his White House for conducting the nation's business like a reality show.

"That is to say, the episodes are staged and the plot twists are scripted to shape a narrative that involves plenty of conflict," Rather wrote on his Facebook. "We hear this is the 'new normal' but this is not a normal Americans should want to get used to accepting."

Rather noted that Trump with his chief strategist Steve Bannon "won’t be satisfied until the previous world order is up in flames." This is consistant with reports that surfaced in the recent TIME magazine cover story that Bannon is attempting to usher in a "Fourth Turning," that results from a cataclysmic event that upsets the “old ways” of doing things and brings in a new one “in a trial of fire.”

"They’re hell-bent on destroying trade deals, and Bannon was just quoted to the effect that he was itching for a fight against China and in the Middle East," Rather wrote. "There was a time where the world felt it could count on American stability -economic, social, and political. All that is changing."

Rather even cited a recent headline from the Washington Post that read “Shock. Outrage. Resistance. Repeat. Is this the new normal in Trump’s America?” According to Rather, it isn't.

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