'This is what a Trump America looks like, f****t!': Gay man hospitalized after brutal attack
Robert Richard Brice Kohler (Facebook)

A gay man in Washington, D.C. is recovering after four men wearing “Make America Great Again” hats and citing “Trump’s America” allegedly attacked him last week, ABC 7 News reports.

According to the report, four white men in their 20s approached Robert Richard Brice Kohler last Wednesday around 7 p.m and began taunting him.

“Victim 1 was walking his dog near the listed location when he became aware of the presence of Suspect 1 through Suspect 4,” the police report reads. “Victim 1 heard Suspect 1 state, “Hey Snowflake! This is what a Trump America looks like, f****t!”

After hitting Kohler “countless times in the face and head,” and attacking his dog Pepper, the suspects fled the scene. The victim sought immediate treatment, but his concussion reportedly flared up, sending him back to the hospital.

The victim told ABC 7 News he’s “not okay” after the accident, adding the assailants “took his life” from him. In a Facebook post about the incident, Kohler argued what happened to him isn’t an isolated incident.

“I share this with you because I have grown so tired of hearing just how perfect and great Trump supporters are and have been,” he wrote. “That they are above anything like what happened to us.”

“They aren’t,” he added.