'Trump deceived poor white folks': Alabama pastor trolls Trump supporters with church sign
Two young Donald Trump fans wait to get inside the Trump rally in Manchester, N.H., Nov. 7, 2016 (Andrew Cline/Shutterstock)

A black pastor in Alabama is using his church's outdoor sign to send a message to Trump supporters: You've been had.

AL.com reports that the Rev. Michael R. Jordan, the pastor of the New Era Baptist Church in Birmingham, has posted a message on his church's sign this week that reads, "Trump deceived poor white folks."

In an interview with AL.com, Jordan explains that he wanted to use his sign to talk about the ways white privilege helped elect Trump.

"There's a covert expectation by even poor whites of white privilege," he tells the publication. "They feel like even if they're illiterate, skin color should give them privilege. Even if they are an illiterate, they feel superior to a black president with a Harvard degree. What interrupted that was a black president and immigrants."

Nonetheless, he believes that some Trump supporters will come to regret their votes, as he thinks Trump is going to enact plutocratic policies that will hurt both them and people of color.

"Once he got in power, he put people worth $11 billion on his cabinet," the pastor said.

In the past, Jordan has put up signs to offend people of all political sensibilities. In 2004, for example, he put a homophobic message on his sign that read, "AIDS is God's curse on a homosexual life," and he has also used the sign to speak out against same-sex marriage.