Trump golf course ordered to pay $6 million to members who allege it stole refundable deposits
Donald Trump plays golf at Trump National Doral (screen grab)

One of President Donald Trump's golf courses is being ordered to pay out nearly $6 million to members who allege that it stole their refundable deposits.

Per Politico, U.S. District Court Judge Keith Marra ruled on Wednesday that the Trump National Jupiter Golf Club violated the contracts its members signed by keeping what were supposed to be refundable fees and locking them out of the club after they declared their intentions to resign.

"The Court concludes that the Plan documents, as properly interpreted, were intended to provide club members of the resignation list with a continuing right to use the Club facilities until their membership was reissued to a new member, provided the club member was otherwise in good standing with the Club," Marra wrote in his decision.

Attorneys for the Trump Organization, meanwhile, vowed to appeal the decision and said that Trump deserved credit for reviving what had been a failing golf course before he took it over.

"Trump purchased the club from Ritz and effectively saved it because it was in financial ruin," Trump Organization attorney Alan Garten told Politico.

Trump's golf courses have found themselves in several legal disputes in recent years. Among other things, a former Trump National Golf Course worker has filed a lawsuitalleging she was fired after complaining about sexual harassment; a Trump-owned golf course in Scotland years ago poisoned a 92-year-old woman's drinking water and refused to fix it; and last year, the Trump International Golf Club sponsored a children's charity event and asked for $20,000 in golf and catering fees, or four times the amount it had asked for in the past.