Former public defender: Trump is exhibiting all of the '12 most common signs of a guilty person'
Donald Trump (Photo: uplift_the_world / Shutterstock)

President Donald Trump has been going on tirades against the American media, the U.S. intelligence community, and a host of other institutions for allegedly undermining his presidency.

Seth Abramson, an English professor at the University of New Hampshire who also worked for years as a public defender in the state of New Hampshire, has written a tweet storm noting that Trump's lashing out at perceived conspiracies against him are some of the classic behaviors that a guilty person engages in when caught.

"Ask any criminal attorney: the president is engaging in all the behaviors a guilty person would," Abramson writes, before listing off all of the 12 most common tactics used by guilty people to cover up their actions.

Among other things, Trump is alleging that there is a conspiracy against him, is deflecting scrutiny of his actions by raising "issues irrelevant to the case," is using anger and self-righteousness to avoid discussing the facts of the case, and is making himself difficult to access for further questioning.

The bottom line, says Abramson, is that there are "12... common signs of a guilty person" and Trump is "exhibiting all of them."

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