WATCH: Angela Rye absolutely destroys CNN conservative who credits Trump with fighting bigotry
CNN panel (screengrab, YouTube/CNN)

A CNN panel addressed President Donald Trump's Tuesday morning visit to the Smithsonian’s National Museum of African American History and Culture, during which the president denounced the rise of anti-Semitic violence and threats across the country.

Commentator Angela Rye was asked whether the president gets credit for making such a statement. "Sure, he gets credit, but, of course, to your point, it is too little, too late. What I mean by too little is that it is for one targeted community. We know there's been a rise of hate incidents since this man took office. We know that Donald Trump throughout the campaign refused to condemn hateful rhetoric against black people, against brown people," said Rye.

"In fact, he used terms to incite violence against these communities. You talked about Hillary Clinton taking money from countries that Donald Trump wants to ban and that is essentially a religious test, which is unconstitutional," she continued.

Rye explained further how Trump can make as many statements as he wants about fighting bigotry, but that his actions and the executive orders he has signed "fly in the face of the bigotry that he says he wants to fight against." She added, "In fact, he is acting like the bigot that he says he wants to fight against."

"Oh, my God," conservative guest Harlan Hill replied to Rye's assertion. "That is absolutely outrageous," he said. "Oh, my god, it is absolutely true," Rye shot back. Hill then attempted to point to the example of Chicago, to which Rye said, "Oh, I can't wait for you to bring this on."

Rye later called Hill out for his defense of Trump. "You're campaigning, dude! We're in February!" Hill also asked why similar questions weren't asked of President Obama's administration. "It's Donald Trump's administration, Harlan! Get out of the time warp, dude! We're in Donald Trump's administration, that's why he's accountable for his words," Rye shot back.

Watch the full clip below.