WATCH: Fox News host slams Nancy Pelosi for accusing Steve Bannon of 'white supremacist'
Bob Beckel from "The Five" (Photo: screen capture)

Fox News host Bob Beckel doesn't like Steve Bannon, but doesn't want people to call the senior White House strategist a "white supremacist."

"I suppose using the word 'white supremacist' without having proof beyond the fact, that in the web page, there were some white supremacists who wrote some things," Beckel told co-host Kimberly Guilfoyle.

"I don't like Bannon," Beckel confessed. "I don't like any of them. That is not the point."

Guilfoyle argued that Bannon isn't a white supremacist and to accuse him of such is outright slander from Democratic Majority Leader Nancy Pelosi who referred to him as such.

"It's really conduct unbecoming," she continued. "[Pelosi] has no proof to back that up. It shows the depths that they will go to try to disparage someone and the desperation, really, of the liberals. And I'm so sorry, Bob, but, your party right now."

Bannon is often known as a whisperer of the "alt-right."

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