White House staff putting out '400 fires' a day as Priebus and Flynn look like they might get the boot
Gen. Michael Flynn speaks to NBC (screen grab)

As the Trump administration enters its third tumultuous week, prominent White House staffers are reportedly worried about losing their standing and even their jobs.

The website Axios reports that the President and his confidants are sending cryptic signals that suggest chief of staff Reince Priebus and national security adviser Mike Flynn might be in danger of losing their positions.

In one telling sign, Newsmax CEO Chris Ruddy—and Trump confidant—made a TV appearance where he chided Priebus for his work so far.

"The White House is showing not the amount of order that we need to see. I think there's a lot of weakness coming out of the chief of staff," Ruddy said on CNN. Politico also reports that aides have started making suggestions for possible replacements.

"These people are insecure because Trump does not respect them," a West Wing source told Axios. "He does not because they have not made any money. He respects [Stephen] Bannon and Gary Cohn because they are financially successful."

The source also told Allen that West Wing officials battled "400 fires a day." The President, for his part, is overwhelmed by the magnitude and complexity of running a White House staff, according to Politico.

Flynn looks especially vulnerable for appearing to lie about his contact with the Russian government prior to the inauguration. Reports suggest that Flynn discussed lifting sanctions imposed by President Obama—if true, that would be a violation of the Logan act, which forbids negotiations by citizens with foreign governments.

Allen points out that the President professed ignorance about the story Friday, even though it was front page news, which suggests he's dropped his support for Flynn.

"Spread the butter: He is toast," a source told Axios. "Lying to Pence damaged Pence's credibility and the administration's. That is an unpardonable sin."