Whoopi Goldberg slams the 'other president': Dick Cheney has nothing on Steve Bannon
Whoopi Goldberg (Photo: Screen capture)

In a discussion about President Donald Trump's first 40 days in office, "The View" women slammed Trump for his recent string of bizarre behavior.

"Maybe it's the other president's fault," Whoopi Goldberg said, citing Trump senior aide Steve Bannon.

"The equivalent to Bannon, I think, was Dick Cheney. In a way," co-host Joy Behar said.

But her fellow co-hosts disagreed.

"No, Dick Cheney is nothing compared to what this President Bannon is," Goldberg said. "This Bannon cat is a whole other kettle of stinky fish.

The women also discussed President George W. Bush's recent press tour denouncing many of Trump's policies.

"For eight years, George W. Bush said not one word about Obama," Behar noted. "This guy is in 40 days and the previous president had to speak out. The question is, what other presidents are going to get on board?"

Goldberg addressed Trump's interview Tuesday with "Fox and Friends," saying that his need to believe the people are paid protesters comes from his own experience paying "supporters."

"We have been told, you remember when he first announced he came down that escalator?" she asked her co-hosts. "And there were all these people? Well, supposedly, extras were hired to fill out the crowd. It may be confirmed... I'm just saying, if anyone knows anything about hiring people, and how that works, it's Donald. So, that's how he sees it. He figures everybody has to pretend that they are something they are not."

Sunny Hostin mocked Trump for his paranoid belief that there is some kind of underground movement against him being orchestrated by former President Barack Obama.

"Correct me if I'm wrong, but he got rid of a lot of the people, right?" she asked about Obama appointees being fired by Trump after the Inauguration. "I think, he still has something like 20,000 people vacancies to fill."

"Well, people are hiding downstairs," Goldberg said.

Behar said that she thought the leaks Trump is concerned about are coming from people within the government who are scared that he has the nuclear codes.

Even Jedidiah Bila knocked Trump for saying "President Obama isn't kayaking and is out there making phone calls."

Goldberg said that she believes Trump needs to feel victimized and as such is looking for someone to blame. Sara Haines agreed, saying that before he took office he blamed Hillary Clinton, but now he has to find someone new to blame.

"So, now you're blaming Obama," Goldberg continued. "Ain't nobody buying that, dude... Obama has been chillin' the Caribbean with Richard Branson and taking his daughter to Broadway shows and still, somehow, found time to lead an underground resistance."

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