Conservative dismisses Trump's new tone: Pundits are just happy he stopped abusing them for one night
Conservative pundit Charlie Sykes talks about President Trump's speech on MSNBC (Screen cap).

While President Donald Trump's address to Congress on Tuesday night was well received by many cable news pundits, this reaction has drawn criticism from other pundits who say that the president is being graded on a curve.

Anti-Trump conservative Charlie Sykes on Wednesday told MSNBC that, while he thought the president delivered a good speech on Tuesday, he was skeptical that this "new tone" of his would last very long.

In particular, he said that many cable news pundits who praised the president's address were acting like abused spouses who are just grateful when their partner comes home and decides against abusing them for one night.

"There's almost a 'battered pundit syndrome' going on out there," Sykes mused. "He comes home and he's not abusive, and he's not drunk, and so we're just so incredibly grateful, it's just so incredibly good."

Sykes said he was nonetheless hopeful that the White House looked at the reception of last night's speech and would look to "dial it down from 11" more in future speeches.

Watch the full clip below.