'Baffled and paralyzed' Trump realizes his 'Game of Thrones' style of governing has 'flopped': report
Donald Trump visits Capitol Hill (screen grab)

President Donald Trump has found that running the federal government is much more difficult than running a reality TV show.

According to a new report from Axios reporter Mike Allen, Trump is feeling "baffled and paralyzed" as he's started to realize that he can't just order elected lawmakers to do his bidding the same way he used to boss around Celebrity Apprentice hopefuls.

"President Trump brought his chaos-and-loyalty theory of management into the White House, relying on competing factions, balanced by trusted family members, with himself perched atop as the gut-instinct decider," the report claims. "He now realizes this approach has flopped."

Allen's sources say that Trump advisers spend much of their evenings calling up reporters and trashing their own colleagues, which has created an atmosphere of "suspicion and insecurity" that is even "worse than what you read."

Allen also claims that former Reince Priebus deputy Katie Walsh quit her job at the White House this week because she was tired of working in an environment reminiscent of Game of Thrones.

"Buckle up," Allen writes in conclusion. "You should expect regular, sometimes violent, upheavals in this Trump White House."