Bill Maher shreds Jeffrey Lord for claim Russia didn't influence the election: 'Don't bullsh*t me!'
Bill Maher and Jeffrey Lord (Photo: Real Time/Twitter)

In a contentious interview with conservative Jeffrey Lord, "Real Time" host Bill Maher hammered the CNN pundit for supporting a "vulgar human being" like Donald Trump.

Lord tried to pivot that Hillary Clinton was just as vulgar because she called many of Trump's supporters a "basket of deplorables." Lord also claimed that Russia didn't have any influence in the 2016 election because no electronic voting machines were hacked.

"Don't bullsh*t me!" Maher shouted, literally calling BS on Lord's runaway hyperbole. He went on to explain that Russia had an influence in the election as cited by 17 intelligence agencies. He went on to say that one way Trump could clear it up was by releasing his tax returns so that Americans could ensure there are no conflicts of interest.

As he's prone to do when he's losing an argument, Lord began repeating Maher's name over and over again. He explained that Nancy Pelosi met with the same person that then-Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) met with.

"Well, let's have an investigation to her," Maher rolled his eyes. "But Russians didn't hack Nancy Pelosi's election. They hacked our election, all of our intelligence agencies said for one side to win, your side. Are you telling me if it had worked out the other way and they were only hacking the Republicans to get Hilary elected you'd let it slide?"

Lord attempted to pivot to another comment but Maher demanded Lord answer. Eventually, he agreed that he would be in favor of an investigation and is "probably in favor of an investigation anyway."

Lord claimed that there was no reason for Trump to release his taxes because some of the greatest presidents that ever lived like George Washington, Abraham Lincoln and Teddy Roosevelt never released their tax returns. The United States required income taxes briefly during the Civil War, but the practice didn't begin filing income taxes permanently until 1913. George Washington and Teddy Roosevelt never filed an income tax return.

Maher closed the interview by promising if Lord would actually be honest with him that Maher would be his best friend. Lord failed to relent on his assertions.

Watch the full interview below: