CNN host mocks Trump's 'peculiar fondness' for Putin: 'Poor Russia is misunderstood'
CNN's Fareed Zakaria (Photo: screen capture)

CNN foreign policy host Fareed Zakaria told Don Lemon that President Donald Trump has spent his history talking about the ways in which everyone is hurting the U.S. But when it comes to Russia, Trump is quick to defend.

"Trump's view on foreign policy has been consistent his whole life," Zakaria began. "The rest of the world is screwing America. As a real estate developer he took out ads saying the Europeans never pay their fair share, the Japanese are screwing us, the rest of the world humiliates us. Every book he's written that's exactly the position he's taken except with one country: Russia. He thinks that Germany, Britain and France are countries that screw us and we should be tough on them but Russia, poor Russia is misunderstood and if only we could get on with it better. So, there's this puzzle, it's really about one country."

He went on to say that there are "seas of contacts with this one country" and that there isn't any equivalent with another country. He specifically mentioned that neither China or Germany enjoy similar communications from the Trump campaign.

"So, again, you have this puzzle of a country with which he has this one exceptional view with whom the campaign has had a series of unusual, perhaps unique contacts, and, as you say, maybe it's all smoke, but it sure is a lot of smoke," he concluded.

Former Russian Ambassador Alexander Vershbow said that the amount of communication with Russia and his "peculiar fondness" with Russia seems outside of the norm but there's no evidence about whether it was nefarious.

Watch the full explanation below: